Intervalometer less than 1 sec. ?

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Hi Alex, the intervalometer works perfectly with my 550d. The only thing is the second. The camera takes a picture, saves the image, waits a second (at least, if the intervalometer is set to 1 sec) and starts again. Is it possible to start immediately after saving ? like an intervalometer time of 0.1 sec. ? thanks !

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  1. felix_germany reporter

    Hi Alex, sorry for getting back so late. I installed the update some days ago, but had no time to check it out until now. Unfortunately it does not work for me, in fact I can' find the entries in the menue, although I can see that I installed the "tip" version (about tab). Normally the updates work flawlessly, so what did I do wrong in this case ? Thank you !

  2. felix_germany reporter

    Hi a1ex, did it. Great, works like a charm. Taking picture over picture. But folks, be careful. My first 550d already says "Error 20", maybe the shutter or the mirror... a 550d only takes about 100k shots, I've been told...

  3. felix_germany reporter

    Hi, shutter sounds different, works more slowly, makes different sounds, every photo it takes. After 20 pictures or so, you get the error message. But don't worry, I took so many pictures, it's not because of the intervalometer, I suppose.

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