Fix for wrong date appended to version string caused by localization

Issue #395 resolved
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I live in Germany and therfore my Mac OS X has a German localization. This causes a small issue on the info screen (i)-tab in ML: Instead of showing "v.2011Mar06..." it is showing ""v.2011MC$r06...".

The reason is, that the date is automatically added to the "VERSION" string in the "Makefile" by calling the "date" command. The German word for "March" is "März". This causes "date" to output "2011Mär06" instead of the Englisch version "2011Mar06".

The call of "date" can be found in line 52 in the "Makefile": {{{ date +'%Y%b%d' }}}

A small change to {{{ LC_TIME=EN date +'%Y%b%d' }}} forces the English localization and fixes this issue.

Martin M.

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