[550D] Minor problem with bracketing.

Issue #398 on hold
Former user created an issue

First of all, thanks for your effort. This tweak is so absolutely gorgeous...

anyhow, I spotted a inconsistency in bracketing mode using the following build: magiclantern-2011Feb23.550d.fw109.AudioMon.bitrate-test-2.alex

The camera is set to "2sec delay mode" (orig. menu) and "7x2EV bracketing" (ML menu).

  • if i release via LCD trigger mode (wipe), the camera starts with the lowest exposure and works its way through to the longest exposure.

  • if i release via shutter button, the first picture is taken with the predefined exposure settings, following the other exposures.

-> so its (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) vs. (4 1 2 3 5 6 7).

I stumbled upon this while thinking about a scripted hdr workflow based upon these very helpful enfuse scripts the camera writes. I checked to see that this inconsistent order is not reflected in these scripts. I do not know enfuse but it seems not to care about the order in which the pictures where taken.

Although this isn't really a problem if one sticks to one of either method, i thought i'd let you know.

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