550D Crashes when taking stills

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Hi there, first off I'm a newb so sorry if this is well-known, but I've been having problems with using ML for taking stills (focusing tools are pretty handy).. basically it crashes like 20% of the time when I shoot. Here's a more detailed description of the situation:

  • Shooting RAW (haven't extensively tested but maybe only happens on RAW)
  • Screen goes black after the shutter goes (normal) but camera crashes here
  • The red card light stays on, camera is unresponsive, requires taking the battery out and the photo is lost
  • Happens regardless of other settings (as far as I can work out)
  • Sometimes happens on 1st photo taken, other times several photos can be taken normally before it crashes
  • Have tried several recent builds of ML, all suffer from same problem

Again, sorry if this is known thing or if the answer is obvious (like //don't take stills using ML/RAW//) but any help would be great

Best regards

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Odd never had that happened what brand SD card are you using cause I doubt it got to do with ML.

  2. Alex
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    Confirmed, it happened to me too this weekend, but I don't know how to reproduce it (it seems random and only after the camera is powered on for a longer time).

    Can you help me find which is the last build which doesn't have this problem?

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I've been using a Qumo class 10 and a Transcend class 6, and it happens about as often on both. Have previously never had any trouble with stills on those, and have never had any problems shooting video with ML. I have also today tried booting without ML on the same card and took a bunch of photos - it never crashed once.

    I'm also 100% sure, for me, it has nothing to do with prolonged use, as it has happened to me several times when i took my 1st pic after booting up. I will try some different older builds to see if i can get rid of it, but can currently confirm it happens with: Feb 15, 23 and March 13 builds

    Thanks for your replies

  4. Aidan

    I previously could easily reproduce the freeze by using continuous shooting and taking 3 shots in a row, sometimes less. The red light would stay on and I'd have to take out the battery to reset it.

    However as of Mar14 firmware (could be somewhere previously) I haven't had this happen anymore - I was in Christchurch over the weekend taking earthquake photos and took hundreds of photos without a single freeze (thanks Alex).

    Using an ADATA Class 10 16GB SD card, shooting RAW in full res. Variety of ISOs. Took a few short videos which were fine too. Used several lenses including Canon and Tamron. No external flash. Used Av mode primarily, then M and Tv. About 1/4 in LiveView.

  5. Alex

    It happened to me with a build later than Mar14, but it only crashed 2-3 times when shooting around 1000 photos (in RAW). Which means I can't really reproduce it to see which part of code causes the problem.

    Now I've tried to take a lot of burst pictures, without any lockups.

    On my camera it could also be a flimsy connection in the SD card slot. I have to insert a bus ticket near the card in order to be able to boot the camera (otherwise it says "Card cannot be accessed").

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Alex. Most of 550D are in warranty. If your SD card slot doesn't work fine, I think you should send it to repair. But you should make sure that ML does't run in the SD before you send your 550d to maintenance station of Canon.

  7. Aidan

    Same experience as Anonymous, it's happened to me just after turning the camera on as well, not necessarily after it's been on for a long time. About 2 months ago it happened frequently, say every 50 photos. Now I haven't seen it happen recently at all.

  8. Alex

    I was able to reproduce this bug after cleaning the code a bit, with the following settings:

    • LiveView on, ClrScreen on (half shutter)
    • Av mode, RAW, burst setting
    • Exposure around 1/10 seconds

    The problem: functions which control the display and the BMP overlay (MuteOn/MuteOff, TurnOnDisplay/TurnOffDisplay, MuteOnImage/MuteOffImage) are not safe to call right in the middle of picture taking. They were used by ClrScreen and by display off feature.

    This bug affects all ML builds from Feb12 to Mar24.

    Fix here: http://groups.google.com/group/ml-devel/browse_thread/thread/850ec268bc883ceb/eb705aa235e09c91?show_docid=eb705aa235e09c91

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    If you could provide a small walk through on how to upload this fix that would be much appreciated. Thanks

  10. Former user Account Deleted

    I have also noticed that I do not have the ability to hear the audio from video recordings while being played back on the camera.

  11. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi I am the original poster - just wanted to confirm that this appears to be fixed now. Amazing work, thanks a million

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