Variety of Buggy Issues on ML for 1.0.9 550D

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andrewmedium created an issue


I am new to the ML experience and just got it installed on my T2i runninf firmware 1.0.9 today. I have seen successful functionality in many of the features (zebras, focus peaking, audio meters, etc.) when I used it in the field earlier today.

I've also experienced a few odd bugs. For starters, I am unable to take a screenshot from the debug menu; the counter begins, reaches 5sec and never actually captures the screenshot...hence my lack of one for addressing my next issue.

My lower ML display seems to be overrode by the standard Canon display for shutter, ISO, f/stop. It seems to flash for a split second when the autoexec.bin boots when I turn the camera on, but disappears and gives way to the standard display.

I browsed the forums and saw no topics on either of these.

Any suggestions?

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