ML will not compile with CONFIG_AUDIOMON set to "n"

Issue #404 resolved
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I found a dependency between "audio.c" and "hotplug.c" which can cause an error while compiling ML. You need to open the Makefile and set CONFIG_AUDIOMON to "n" to reproduce this problem. "audio.c" (or: the compiler) will then report an undefined reference to 'audio_monitoring_enabled' which is defined in "hotplug.c". But that file is not used in this scenario.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Why wouldn't I? The option is there, and I personally don't need the audio monitoring. This may change in the future. But it's not the problem here, right? I just wanted to show that there can be a problem under certain circumstances. And this is what this bug report is about, isn't it? :-)

    Best regards, msi.

  2. Alex

    Since audio monitoring can be disabled from menu, you may leave this unchanged. The only side effect is some extra RAM used. But I did not notice any change in autoexec.bin size by disabling hotplug.o, so I believe the overhead is minimal.

    There are a lot of dependencies between modules, and yes, it's good to be cleaned up. I'm not an expert in C programming and I don't know how to solve this right now, unless I'll ask AJ :)

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I get 152k without "hotplug.c" and 156k with it. It's not a big deal then. btw, I made a bypass to compile ML. I have an additional compiler definition in the Makefile. That definition is set, if CONFIG_AUDIOMON is "n":

    ifeq ($(CONFIG_AUDIOMON),n)

    and then used in "audio.c" (line 1034)

    #ifdef __HOTPLUGOVERRIDE__
    	if(gui_state != GUISTATE_PLAYMENU) {
    	if(gui_state != GUISTATE_PLAYMENU || audio_monitoring_enabled()) {

    I guess, there is a better solution. But it works for me at the moment. :-)

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