T2i ISO & Shutter control not working

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mike_u created an issue

Hi guys,

I've got a T2i, installed Magic Lantern with firmware 1.0.9 successfully however got no manual controls for ISO or shutter speed (button and wheel do nothing)

figured ML might not be for me so I formatted the card but the ISO button and the shutter wheel still don't respond in movie mode

Did a fresh install of firmware 1.0.9 (no magic lantern) and the same.

downgraded to firmware 1.0.8.... the same

back with firm 1.0.9 with ML and the same...

so my T2i now works in movie mode with automatic ISO and Shutter.... at this point i'd just like to get it without ML getting manual ISO & Shutter controls with ML would be awesome but at this point i'd settle with them working with the plain factory firmware

hope someone can help :D


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  1. mike_u reporter

    Hi a1ex I understand it's not an issue directly related to ML... but any tip to give me a little push in the right way would be very appreciated :D

    I saw 2 comments (without resolution) with the same issue somewhere else...

    any idea on how to get the shutter and iso controls to work WITH ML? i don't know what im doing wrong.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Set manual control in the standard Canon menu while dial is in movie mode. Got nothing to do with ML just that you need to read the manual and learn how to use the camera at all.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I too have had this problem. Basically the dial on my T2i has stopped working. Doesn't matter if I'm in manual movie exposure or for that matter anywhere else in the menus, even playback, the dial doesn't register. Been using the camera all day for a film shoot with magiclantern-2011Feb23.550d.fw109.AudioMon.bitrate-test-2 with no problems. Turned on the camera tonight and no click wheel response. Gasp! If the OP can't get it to work even after loading the original firmware, I am hoping I don't have a"partial" bricking here. Either that or both of our clickwheels have died... Anyone else?

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I just posted, got my wheel working by using my grip's wheel (the grip control switch was off - switched it on). After i used the grip's wheel the regular wheel started working again, even if the grip control was set back to off. Weird, weird, weird... Basically all is OK again. Maybe the grip's contacts were in a funny place or something...

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    Same Issue here on TWO 550D T2I

    After some time (maybe testing functions) the manual settings are completly overwritten by the ML Firmware. Setting Exposure (Av,Tv) is only in the ML menu possible. Iso Setting over cursors possible. The Dialwheel isn´t working any more. Only a format in a cardreader and reinstalling ML helps for a while.

    It´s not the manual setting for MOVIE, the manual settings for taking fotos in M or the other modes doesn´t work any more.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Actually, the tip with the batt.grip workes. When you turn the dial on the grip the dial on the cam works again.

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