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Hi, I realise my request will only be applicable for VERY few people who use ML but if its an easy thing to code then it would be greatly appreciated.

So anyway, i recently bought a canon power zoom 35-80 lens, which you may know was the only canon electronic zoom lens for an SLR (or as far as i know)

When attatched to my 550D/t2i, it zooms with the buttons on the side with no problem when in photo mode, but when live view is turned on or in movie mode, the zoom no longer works. Not sure why but if it was possible to enable this function in movie mode it would make for very nice smooth zooming.

If i can help any more with info on the lens i'll be happy to provide it.

Tom M

(p.s - thank you so much for all your hard work with ML)

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  1. Alex

    Very interesting. It may be possible if you could use prop_spy to see what's going on there, and upload a video with the results. There is a similar video here:

    It won't work with latest build, because the property spy was disabled. If I remember well, it should work with 0.2.0.

    If you are in France, I'll be able to take a look personally at this lens.

    Where did you find this lens? Can you give some links?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Sure ill give it a go later today probably.

    I got the lens on ebay with the Canon Eos 700.

    I'm in the Uk im afraid,

    Canon museum page:

    Its a hard lens to use as it also has NO manual focus! and the quality of the optics are that of a standard kit lens.

    Apparently they are rare to find but don't go for a high price usually.

    Anyway, thanks for getting back to me, ill try what you suggested.


  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey, Sorry if this isn't what you meant for me to do, if its not - let me know and ill do whatever.

    Here is a link to a private youtube video i just made where i press zoom in, zoom out and focus in both movie and photo mode with the debug prop spy thing enabled.


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