550d overheating/ sensor glitch

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Hey there,

not sure if this is caused by ML or not, but my camera has a serious sensor problem so I thought I'd report it

I've been running ML on my 550d since January 2011 and I usually use the latest build within a week or two.

The sensor (or whatever is causing it) has a serious banding/underexposed/ generally F'd up area running horizontally across the images.

I haven't noticed this problem in the video recording YET but it may just be faint during video settings. Its also not very noticeable at all under (normal photo conditions) shutter speeds under 1/2 sec

I first noticed it during some long exposures. (1-4 seconds) Its effect varies and I'm not sure if its related directly to exposure time or iso or the sensor heating up or what, but here is a photo i took last night and the problem is way obvious

An example is attached

the shoot settings for this photo was ISO 400 F:2 @ 2.5 seconds 50mm

I tried formatting the memory card and shooting without ML as well as updating to a different built and the problem persists

My guess is that its a camera defect and I'd like to reset the camera to Default (no bootflag/ML etc) and try my luck sending it to Canon for repair/replacement. Any advice, info, or feedback is greatly appreciated.




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  1. solid_spence reporter

    The issue seems apparent in video as well but only slightly. I get the impression that the effect stacks as exposure time increases. so 1/30 isn't quite enough for it to be come pronounced, BUT its still there.

    I'm going to reset the camera and send for warranty repair/replacement.

    any stories good/bad from people sending in cameras for warranty after using ML & resetting the camera to factory??


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