[60D beta8] Bunch of bugs report

Issue #468 resolved
Former user created an issue

I have test ML for 60D alpha8 build (magiclantern-2011Apr29.60d.fw109.alpha8.alex.zip) and found some bugs:

  1. after changing Bitrate to "CBRe 1mbps" recording some video and changing it back to "FW default" and again recording some video then second recording is still recorded with "CBRe" setting instead of "FW default". After camera restart "FW default" works OK.

  2. during video recording this is only possible to decrease Q-scale value in ML menu by INFO. (aka DISP.) or PLAY buttons. Increasing (by Q button) doesn't work.

  3. HDR Brack doesn't work properly (tested in P mode). When set an example 3x2EV and camera's AE correction is set to 0EV then 3 pictures are taken: 1st with AE 0EV, 2nd with AE -2EV and 3rd with same AE -2EV, and last AE correction remains as default, so when next 3 pictures are taken then they have: 1st with AE -2EV, 2nd with AE -4EV, and 3rd with -4EV too.

  4. Bulb Timer: Q button doesn't increase timer (displays "Option not available").

  5. White Balance doesn't working. When ML's WB is set to 1500 or 12000 K pictures are taken with 2500 K setting.

  6. Aperture doesn't change values (Sigma 18-200 lens).

  7. When switching Picture Style in reverse order with INFO. (aka DISP.) button switching stops on "Standard" style after which "unk picstyle index: 0" is displayed.

  8. Slitscan doesn't work - "vsync failed".

  9. Follow focus: "Manual" interferes with new to 60D diagonal joystick buttons - when any diagonal button is pressed (e.g. top-right) focus rectangle moves continously to farest edge.

Best regards, Jare

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  1. Alex

    2. Q does not generate any event while recording, so it's difficult to fix.

    3. Works fine for me in P mode (0, -2, +2); after the sequence, EV is 0. What other settings did you use?

    4. SET increases the timer, but I can add an option for Q, too.

    6. Aperture changes with my lenses (kit and 50/1.8). Can you check if the 550D ML can change the aperture with your Sigma lens? (BTW, there's no benefit in using ML for changing the aperture, it's there just because iso and shutter are also there).

    All others confirmed and will be fixed.

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