Purple icons in Canon menu (60D, alpha10)

Issue #477 resolved
Matthew Kieren created an issue

When I press [Menu] to bring up Canon's menu system all of the Canon icons at the top are now purple.

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  1. Matthew Kieren reporter

    I only use Manual mode and then switch to Movie Mode using ISO+LV, so I don't know if the other modes on the dial do the same thing. I've noticed that the icons go back to their normal colors if LiveView is turned off and I press [Menu], but when I turn LiveView back on and press [Menu] they are back to purple again.

  2. Matthew Kieren reporter

    Further testing shows this only happens when LiveView is turned on, the ML menu is off, and the [Menu] button is pressed. If the ML menu is visible and [Menu] is pressed then the icon colors are normal.

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