lens_get_ae() doesn't return a valid AEB setting

Issue #48 resolved
Trammell Hudson repo owner created an issue

It returns a random value. For now the function is hard coded to return 0 so that the bracketing code doesn't fail.

Instead the bracketing code should register a property handler to track the AEB settings when they are changed.

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  1. ozo
    • changed status to open

    Hey, I am new using ML. I have a similar problem as described by Trammell Hudsun, the AEB Bracket value is 0 for all the shots. They all were shot with ML and are 3 shots and 3 stops appart. The should return 0, -3, 3 as AEB values right? But they all return 0. I am sorry if the problems seems to be solved...but could not find any answer that I could use (even though the status of this thread shows resolved). Thanks.

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