550D: Bash script for HDR images does not work enfuse (v3.2)

Issue #485 resolved
somsof62 created an issue

At first I have to thank the developers for magic lantern: IT'S GREAT!!! Firmware version: magiclantern-2011Apr29.550d.fw109.audiomon-etc.alex enfuse version: 3.2 Operation system: Ubuntu 10.04 x86 I shot some HDR pictures and tried to run the script to assemble them together, but it fails. There is an mistake in the script, or the script only works with an old version of enfuse. I already figured out a fix. The string --output= has to be replaced with -o . I'll show by an example: The original command in the script looks like this: enfuse "$@" --output=HDR_0001.JPG IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG IMG_0003.JPG The fixed command looks like this: enfuse "$@" -0 HDR_0001.JPG IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG IMG_0003.JPG

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  1. Alex

    I have enfuse 4.0-753b534c819d.

    -o, --output=FILE write output to FILE; default: "a.tif"

    With your command:

    enfuse: unknown option "-0"

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