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Issue #493 resolved
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  1. Flash button should trigger ISO (left, right) and Kelvin (up, down), kelvin is used more times than volume. Volume and brightness could be stacked to the sensor = lesser needed.

  2. Possible bug: when holding the flash button the camera says this function is not available in movie mode - and covers the info layout. Is it possible to remove that text?

  3. ISO selection - we should be able to choose only native iso-s too. Since we have them, those are the ones we use I guess.

  4. The new CBR at x2.0 always stops immediately when I record a bit more hard to compress scene, though I have class 6 and class 10 Sandisk cards. It's the same result on both.

Thanks a lot for everything!

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  1. Alex

    1. That's subjective, but it does make more sense to assign ISO and Kelvin to the same shift key.

    2. ML bottom bar is still visible. Canon's bottom bar is not, and it won't be even if I erase that message.

    3. Canon menu only shows native ISOs.

    4. ML no longer controls the bitrate during recording (it just sets it before recording). Did it work better with CBRe?

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