alpha11: CBR improves image quality

Issue #494 resolved
Former user created an issue

Hi, great work Alex! I dit a quick test and the new CBR feature seems a big step forward in image quality. Now i can choose a 1.7x without any fear of automatic record stop. and i get a much higher bitrate in most situations, even in ones with much blur and low ISO. YEAH!

And i can show you on the picture how much improvement it gives. You can see it with your bare eyes without any heavy grading. Of course no one will be in a situation where 6400 ISO are needed, but I choose it to keep the bitrate at the highest limit, without moving the cam.


I'm so happy at the moment, also about the up-tidied menue, i'll place a donation, even though i'm a bean-eating student. =) thanks a lot, Jan

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