[550d] Can't change disp preset - no metering button in 550d

Issue #499 resolved
Rafał Magda created an issue

Version: magiclantern-2011May12.550d.fw109.CBR-fix.alex

Citation from manual: "DISP presets: 1..4 -> To change the presets, press the Metering button. -> What button ? In 550D there is no such button"

But there is no metering button in EOS 550d, so I am unable to change disp mode. In version: magiclantern-2011Apr30.550d.fw109.fixes.alex it was changed by DISP button.

I suggest to add ML option to set which button should be used : DISP/ MENU / SET/ AF point selection .

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  1. Rafał Magda reporter

    Thank you. ISO + DISP changes disp mode in LVmode. But in non-LV mode it does nothing, so it is not shortcut for metering menu.

    It is getting hard to memorize these shortcuts...

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