Unable to change shutter speed in Movie Mode

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dmanthei created an issue

Canon T2i 1.0.9 - magiclantern-2011May12.550d.fw109.CBR-fix.alex

I cannot change the shutter speed in Movie Mode. Regardless of what lens I use, or what other settings I change, I cannot move it from 1/31. Often, if I try and change it, it will result in the camera semi-crashing in the sense that the display continues functioning, but it cannot be shut off nor do any of the buttons respond.

Also, the aperture value is often listed as f/0.0 under the shutter value.

I have poured through the documentation and email list and cannot find any mention of this. I had hoped that it would be altered as easily as the vanilla firmware i.e. with the wheel by default.

Any assistance? Thank you.

This appears to be the same issue as in #463, where the helpful suggestion of "read the manual" resulted in it being locked. If I boot the camera without ML, I can easily adjust aperture/shutter. If I boot it with ML, the display shows "!! AUTO EXPOSURE !!" and I cannot alter aperture or shutter. Searching for "exposure" and "auto" in the ML user guide have pulled up nothing.

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  1. dmanthei reporter

    This setting is found in the Canon menu, in the Video section, under Exposure. Part of the Magic Lantern installation instructions said to reset all settings back to default (clear all settings), which resulted in this switching from Manual to Auto, as I had set it to Manual when I got the camera over a year ago. I had forgotten this setting existed.

    It would be a great service to the community and people using this firmware if you would take the extra five seconds and make things clear in circumstances like these. When you write "Auto mode", I had assumed you were referring to a feature found in the ML firmware.

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