Magic Zoom Striped on External Monitor

Issue #506 on hold
JipHop created an issue

Since magiclantern-2011May17.550d.fw109.alex when using an external monitor (HDMI or USB out) the magic zoom square is striped. Before updating I could use this option without the stripes. Are there some options interfering? I don't have any special things set up I think. It looks similar to this picture:

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  1. JipHop reporter

    Thanks for your quick reply Alex. However it didn't change anything. I renamed the old autoexec.bin to backup_autoexec.bin and I copied the new one. Should have solved it right? Do you need any more details from my side?

  2. JipHop reporter

    Sorry for providing wrong information. It seems I can't get it to work without stripes on an external monitor via USB out with any autoexec.bin

    These are my test results: magiclantern-2011Apr26.550d.fw109.bugfixes.alex ext. monitor HDMI works ext. monitor USB striped magiclantern-2011Apr30.550d.fw109.fixes.alex ext. monitor HDMI works ext. monitor USB striped magiclantern-2011May17.550d.fw109.alex ext. monitor HDMI works ext. monitor USB striped

    So I'll get back to using HDMI again, but for some reason I didn't want to and switched back to the USB out. I forgot the reason but I'll probably find out soon enough. I'll have a look at the workaround later today.

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