Extend video recording time?

Issue #517 resolved
BeauGiles created an issue

After some Google-fu, I've had no luck finding an answer to this; is it possible to extend the maximum time for recording video? I know that out of the box there's a 12 minute/4GB? limit; 4GB due to the maximum file size of the filesystem. However, apparently the 60D supports exFAT, so this increases the maximum size up to something silly like 64ZB. But the 60D still won't record longer than ~12minutes (or ~29:59, I wasn't able to find a set answer). Is it possible for this limit to be patched out and therefore record until the card fills up (or something else occurs, such as overheating, etc)? This would be much appreciated, Many thanks, Beau Giles

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  1. Alex

    The limit can be pushed up to 30 minutes by lowering the bitrate; to record more than that, ML may restart recording, but there will be a gap of 1 or 2 seconds.

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