WB always in Auto in ML 0.2.1 (7Jun / 8Jun )

Issue #523 resolved
Former user created an issue

WB in Jun8 version ML 0.2.1 is always set in AUTO in menu. The WB change is visible pressing SET and DISP but in the menu always appear auto.

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  1. Alex

    Which mode? I can't reproduce the bug.

    I've set WB to Auto, and then changed it from ML menu. It changes just fine.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Same issue on my cam. In movie mode ML always WB Auto appear, wb change in ML menu (SET/DISP) is visible on the screen. Set WB to Auto in Canon menu, and then changed it from ML menu (SET/DISP) doesn´t affect the screen info, it´s stills displayes WB Auto

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    The incorrect text appears in the ML menu and in the lcd info bar. Delete my config file on card to exclude probs with the config file, but issue is still there. With the first version from 7 June it works fine.

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