Installing on a t2i, nothing is happening

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daisym created an issue

I went through the steps and nothing has changed on my camera (works fine, but no Magic Lantern). Is there anything special I need to do to access the ML menu, or would I know right away if the program were working?

I've gone back through all the steps except the part of No. 1 involving magiclantern.fir, which the troubleshooting section warns me not to repeat. I'm using

Any advice on getting ML to work?

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  1. daisym reporter

    I think so... I followed the instructions for using Macboot. I went back and did it again after the first try at installing didn't work, and then again after reformatting the SD card another time.

  2. daisym reporter

    The only other thing I can think of to do is to format the card again, and reinstall, including repeating the step in No. 1 involving magiclantern.fir. Will this destroy my camera?

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