audio channel panning not working correctly (AJ build 5.7 for 5dmkII)

Issue #530 resolved
JensT created an issue


i have discovered that the channel panning (setting left to left and right to right) is not working 100% on ML (AJ build 5.7 for 5dmkII). Of course that problem ony appears when recording a stereo signal with channels from different sources (like two mics).

When I attach a one channel source (like a mono mic), in fact I always have a very low signal on the other channel too. Its too quiet to appear on the level meters, but in post production you can see the peak and hear it. When recording two differnt sources like two speakers, you will alway have a whistle of the other one on the wrong channel.

This problem does not appear with the canon firmware (2.0.4., 2.0.8.,2.0.9.), so it seems to be a ML related issue.

Does someone have an idea how to fix that?

Thanks for all the great work!

Best, Jens

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