Canon T2i freezes when Movie REC Key set to HalfShutter and a wireless remote is used

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drockmd created an issue

The Canon T2i freezes when the Movie REC Key is set to HalfShutter and a wireless remote is used. The freeze occurs once every 2-3 captures.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Turn Canon T2i on

  2. Wait for ML to boot (I have noticed if you do not let ML take a few sec to boot the video automatically stops recording)

  3. Hit Trash Button

  4. Navigate to Movie->Movie REC Key

  5. Set to HalfShutter

  6. Turn Camera off and plug in Remote

  7. Turn Camera On

  8. Click wireless remote half shutter, wait a few sec for video capture press again to stop.

  9. Repeat Step 8 a couple of times and Freeze should occur.

Note Removing battery resets camera and you can continue, but this issue is reproducible.

Build v. 2011Jun07.550d.fw109

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Actually I'm also getting this issue on my 60D with the latest ML (2011Dec22). My remote is the infrared one. Should I create a new issue for the problem?

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