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I feel it is almost criminal by Canon to not include AF microadjustment on the 550D. Can microadjustment be added to the 550D by a firmware hack? Thank u!

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  1. Former user Account Deleted
    • Criminal* - yes, that's to correct wording for Canon not adding this feature to the 550D firmware. In fact, I really would pay for this feature. I do not know if it motivates the ML developers to have a look at tho feature: As soon as a working AF micro adjustment function is added (like the 7D, on per lens basis), I definitely want to donate 50US-$ for the ML developers!
  2. Former user Account Deleted

    AF Micro Adjustment function is essential for 550d. This is the best supplement - the continuous problems with FF / BF. I look forward to a solution.

  3. Alex

    PD is related to PTP and works only in LiveView (it's currently used for rack focus).

    Got the property changes from 50D, but they are implemented as custom functions (i.e. camera-specific). I tried on 550D yesterday, no success so far.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    In this case I have to buy a Canon 50d. Calibration of all lenses cost as much as replacing the Canon 550D on the 50d. In the future, buy the 5D mark II. Thanks for any help;)

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    To add AF microadjustment for the T2i(550d) couldn't you just add some code to control focus so that there is always a slight bias in focus upon autofocus confirm from the camera. A simple menu, with possible profiles for different lenses and the according bias for each. It seems like the code that is used in focus stacking could somehow be used, but with the shortest delay possible, so the action isn't missed. Not sure if it would be fast enough for action shots>?

    Not sure if the code from the 5d mkII can be looked at to see how it goes about doing AF microadjust. Seems like it would just read the lens from the AF chip and go to the corresponding lens profile you already defined in the menus.

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