Assigning a button to protect images

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Larger cameras have a dedicated protect button that can quickly protect images right after they have been taken, or while in playback mode. Would be great if cameras like the 600D could have this feature too, it is useful for marking which images should be transmitted for example. The dedicated button is much easier to use than having to go to the protect menu.

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  1. Avaviel

    I'm not OP, but I'd go with either the AF-ON button or the Depth of Field Preview button. Neither of those buttons are used in the preview mode, so it would be alright to disable one of them to be used as the protect button. I'm on a 60D, so I'm not sure of the 600D has those buttons.

  2. Alex

    Not all buttons are available in all modes. In QuickReview, it seems to recognize SET and Q.

    In Play mode, Q (550D) and Unlock (60D) will show zebras, histogram and other items from the LiveV menu.

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