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Hi there, was using the unified version of ML which was great, but after a few days I pulled out my 550d and it was completely unresponsive (no LEDs no power, I did try different batteries aswell). I pulled the battery out for a while and formatted the SD and it does work again, but I would like to to know why this happened as i want to install it again. I have a feeling I may have left it on, but it is unlikely. What are the possible causes for this to happen? thanks

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  1. Alex

    Possible causes:

    • ML did not shutdown completely (but in this case, SD card led remains on)
    • Filesystem corruption or card problem, which may result in camera not finding autoexec.bin. In this case, you will see info in viewfinder, but camera will seem dead otherwise.

    What did you do before it stopped working? Did you turn it off normally?

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