ML for 5DMii 2.0.9 Menu button problems.

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Hi all, I just finished installing the AJ ML 5.9 in a 5d Mkii camera. The install went fine. The problem began when trying to set up the different options in the ML menu.

The first thing I noticed is that when I press the INFO button it displays the Canon original info but it starts flickering, as if it is in conflict with the ML info.

The second thing is that some buttons don't change their functions when going into the ML MENU. They just keep doing what they're supposed to do in VIDEO mode. ie: -Shutter button doesn't cycle the options in the Menu, it just keeps changing the shutter. -Zoom IN: wants to cycle the options in the menu, but also zooms the video. -Same with ZOOM out.

I downloaded the AJ 5.9 from Moira Obrien website.

Any clues? tips? suggestions? Many thanks in advanced

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Could you post a video (eg on youtube) so that I can see what you are experiencing.

    Did you have the same issues with the a previous version of the code?


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