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GavinO created an issue

As a user of ML on my 550D, can I firstly say thank you so much for your dedication to this development of the camera. It is way beyond the camera I first purchased a year ago.

I have been working as a camera opp. in broadcast news for the last 15 years or so and mainly using the Sony shoulder mount cameras. About 8 years ago, Sony introduced a "minus" db gain value to their XD range of cameras. This digitally reduced either the sensitivity of the sensor or the way the camera recorded the image to XD disk, I'm not sure but it has proven very useful while shooting in high light conditions. My question is possibly a silly one but would it be possible to alter the range of ISO values to include minus value -100, -160 etc. It would be very useful for "run'n'gun" style shooting when the operator needs to move from indoor to outdoor at a moments notice.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

All the best and well done again


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