60D: ML did NOT work and now have a sound when cleaning the sensor

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What should I do?

The screen showed black and white dots all over the upper part of the screen and some of them aroun the center.

I unistalled the ML from the camera, and now it has a weird squeeky sound every time the sensor is cleaning.

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  1. Alex

    Sensor cleaning sound is normal. Did you notice any problems in using the camera?

    Was the display on in photo mode before running FW update?

  2. Alex

    This version fixes 60D install issues http://bit.ly/ml-aug28

    But according to the description, this is a bit different than what I've noticed in my tests. Probably the installer crashed, but the bootflags are still OK.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi there Alex. Didn't know about the sensor sound.

    When first installing ML I got the green screen but it was all blinky and the sensor cleaning icon was little in the down right corner of the screen (also blinking), and below the text: "Magic Lantern is installed. You may now restart your camera" appeared the exposure meter (also blinking). Then, all the screen had black and white little dots all over the sound meter, up in the screen running crashy ML.

    I tried a couple of times, very carefully following instructions: DIal "M" Manual Mode, restart camera settings, restart customs functions, make sure the info screen was on and run ML. Then I re-install canon 1.1.0 FIR and the camera work all perfect, except for the cleaning sensor sound that never before sounded so loud.

    I'll try with the link you let me there. Thanks.

    Rafa_ Ga

    P.D. Sorry for mispellings. Greetings from Venezuela.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Alex, when you said "- On 60D, altering the bootflag while the sensor cleaning is active may not be safe.", should I turn off auto sensor cleaning for the ML not to crash??

    Rafa_ Ga

  5. Alex

    The new FIR (Aug28) takes care of sensor cleaning.

    On my 60D, the only side effects I've noticed were the crash during install (i.e. no green screen) and the camera asking for a firmware update when you start it without ML.

    If it's unstable, try a different version (and tell me what you did to crash it).

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