Crash on 60d when pressing Play in Movie Mode

Issue #641 duplicate
Griffon created an issue
  • No videos on the sd card
  • Mode Dial in "Movie Mode"
  • Press "Play" (I get the "No Image Found" message)
  • Try to get back into LiveView

Most of the time my canon locks up. I can't get back to LiveView or even shooting images in other modes. No menus are working nor the shutter button.

Cam needs a full reboot (remove battery)

This problem doesn't occour when I've videos on my sd card.

I'm using the lastest ML version Canon 60D 1.1.0 ML: * I even tried to use various autoexec.bin files that have been posted on Google Groups. Atm i'm using the autoexec.bin from 30 aug, but still got that issue.

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