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Issue #656 on hold
robert b created an issue

so i'm part of the group that is having trouble installing the updated ML. i follow the instructions to the letter and after "updating the firmware", i get a flicker and then a black screen.

the camera is not dead, however, on top i still see the settings it was in. merely the LCD is black and the camera is unresponsive. any touching of the shutter garners a "busy" message on top.

using AJ's version is not a solution for me as i am primarily a still photographer and a videographer second. but the still features eventually added to ML were phenomenal.

does anyone have a solution?


  • using 2.0.8 downgraded from 2.0.9
  • grabbed ML 0.1.9
  • removed battery grip, using natural battery
  • turned off auto sensor cleaning.
  • card was freshly formatted

thanks for any assistance with this.

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  1. Alex

    I don't have a 5D Mark II, but I had a similar bug on 60D, with the installation failing for no apparent reason. It was because on 60D many people use the camera with the main display off. Selecting "upgrade firmware" from this condition resulted in not being able to see what's going on (and sometimes the camera freezing).

    Can you enable LiveView or take pictures?

    Maybe it also helps clearing all camera settings.

  2. robert b reporter
    • marked as bug

    the LCD is one prior to the upgrade, and in one of the loads i attempted to have liveview on prior to the upgrade, but scrolling the menu command shuts that off and drops the mirror again. also, i don't have any custom settings on the 5D so there are no commands to clear. :-)

    after the upgrade, the camera becomes 98% unresponsive. meaning, i cannot toggle the LCD on in anyway, none of the menu functions work, either for the camera or for the ML menu and the only reaction i get from the camera is when i gently depress the shutter, the top screen says, "BUSY" for a short while and then nothing else.

    battery pulls bring everything back to normal of course, but still no load.

  3. robert b reporter

    just wanted to take the time to thank you guys. i know you put a shit ton of work into this project and its appreciated. i currently have ML up on my T1i. works beautifully. i love it.

    i'll check back periodically to see if there are any developments on the 5DMii. thanks in advance guys.

  4. robert b reporter

    hey guys, this has been on hold for quite some time now. any movement on this or should i consider the 5D a dead stick?

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