DISP profiles not switching on 600D

Issue #662 resolved
Martin Ocando created an issue

I wish to set DISP1 with focus peak and DISP0 with no focus peak but there is no way of changing the profiles in Live View mode. DISP + ISO doesn't do nothing but display the ISO screen. The only place I can change it is on movie mode hitting the flash button.

And there is no metering button on the 600D.

I'm using Aug22. Tried Aug28 and crashed when moving to the right on the ML menu from the focus menu. Had to remove battery twice and downgraded to Aug22.

What can I do?

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  1. Alex

    Try with short flash press. The shortcut may be actually ISO+INFO on 600D (on 550D, that button is called DISP). Metering button is on 60D only.

    Try the september 8 version (seems very stable after first tests).

  2. Martin Ocando reporter

    Nope. No use. Neither ISO+INFO, DISP+INFO, ISO+DISP, etc. I've tried almost every combination.

    Flash presses just flip the flash up in LV still mode, but only works on movie mode, as reported.

    Thanks for your fast answer, Alex.

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