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Martin Ocando created an issue

I'm using the motion capture (exp) feature very much lately, since is rainy season and there are lots of lightning storms. It works perfectly. The thing is, you sent me a new autoexec.bin to fix the ISO + INFO issue, and I think it has the battery saver feature turned on, so when the LCD goes off, so is the sensor and motion capture no longer works. I have set the timeouts as 10 sec for LCD dim and 1 minute for LCD off. When is dim it works, but when is OFF it Used to work before the upgrade, but no more.

So, while I consider a good idea to turn off the sensor to save battery when the LCD timeouts, this should be disabled when using the motion capture feature.

Don't you think?

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  1. Martin Ocando reporter

    BTW, I updated it to Bug and Major, because I do appreciate the power savings when the LCD is off, but cannot use it for motion capture. And I'm loosing some lightning opportunities.


  2. Martin Ocando reporter

    Ok Alex, I understand. So if it worked while the LCD was off it was an indication that the sensor was actually on and consuming battery. Am I right?

  3. Martin Ocando reporter
    • changed status to open

    Now it doesn't turn the LCD off at all, neither in motion capture or in regular LV mode. It dims it, but it doesn't shuts it down.

  4. Martin Ocando reporter

    Hi Alex. I just reformatted my card and reinstalled Aug22 on it, it was giving me some griefs. I think I'll wait until you figure out how to keep the Sensor ON with LCD off feature while Motion Capture is active.

  5. Martin Ocando reporter

    Awesome, works great. Although the SET + MAIN DIAL shortcut for image compare does not. It must be other combination of keys.

  6. Martin Ocando reporter

    Never mind. It works. Only is PLAY mode. DUUHHHH!!! I must still be drunk from last night :P

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