Magic Zoom flickers (600D)

Issue #675 resolved
the_joe created an issue

Hi there, first of all, thanks for your software! :) I use the newest version (0.2.1) My problem on the 600D is that the Magic Zoom flickers very hard regardless of which mode I use. I use to record in Full HD, 30 FPS but it still flickers no matter what I try. Is this problem known? I saw Magic Zoom on the 550D from 2 people and the Magic Zoom Box was consistent. Thanks in advance, Joe

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  1. Alex

    Try disabling everything else in LiveV menu (and maybe others) to isolate the problem. Also send me a short movie to see what kind of flicker. Does it also happen in 24p? Does it happen in photo mode? or while recording?

  2. the_joe reporter

    I disabled everything else in the LiveV menu and in other menus. In LiveView it was a lot less flickering now (It seemed to be the option "Clear screen"). But if I start recording its very hard to see if the object is in focus because it starts flickering again. It also happens in 24p. Unfortunately I do not own a second camera to record the issue but I will do so on Monday I hope. Thanks for your very fast help though. :)

  3. the_joe reporter

    Yes. I have had the version from July 8th on my camera before and it was the same problem.

  4. the_joe reporter

    There is nearly no flickering in LiveView mode now and only slightly in recording mode but much better now than it was before and it's fairly possible to work with it now. :)

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