Hyperfocul / DOF calculation displaying wrong numbers

Issue #730 resolved
Griffon created an issue

I just found the calculation of FocusDistance, Hyperfocual, DOF start/end in the focus menu section. It seems to always show the "infinity" numbers.

After playing around with it I can say it only works correct LiveView.

[OK] In LiveView: It shows and update the correct values when manually focussing or changing the aperture.

[WRONG] Outside of the LiveView (normal viewer) the focus section displays wrong numbers.

If it's not possible to get the current focus distance/aperture values outside of LV it would be helpful to show a info box that this feature will only work in LV.

I'm used the most recent version (2011-10-17) from the mailing list.

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  1. Griffon reporter

    UI that was fast. I guess this mean that there's no focus distance report function outside of LV. Sad.

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