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sorry for creating a new issue, as the thread i bump thrice was overlooked. Just want to know if this is possible..

Hi a1ex, is it really not possible to do this continuous recording beyond the limit. Can you kindly state why it is a problem or not possible with hack?..

anyway, can you take a look at my suggestion if possible:..

  1. is parallel recording possible i mean, 2 files in single recording..

  2. if yes, can the 2nd file be started parallel prior the 30min/4gb limit, with this still 30min/4gb has happened but was able to cover the gap and will just do software stitch..

thanks :) hope parallel recording is possible.


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  1. Alex

    It might be possible to bypass the 4 GB limit by flipping the file pointer at the right moment. This requires a great deal of reverse engineering (don't expect it overnight).

    The 30 minute limit is there to avoid tax issues, so I might get in trouble if I try to bypass that.

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