600D: Magic zoom + 3x zoom and back not working

Issue #742 duplicate
Michal Fapso created an issue

Turn on the camera and switch to video mode (magic zoom works fine)

Switch to 3x zoom (magic zoom still works)

Switch back to no zoom (magic zoom is corrupted, displaying some kind of horizontal stripes) ...only camera reboot helps to get it work again

...it doesn't matter if I use DISP+ZOOM_IN shortcut or the camera's native menu for switching the 3x zoom.

...I use the ML build from August 22.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. blassox

    Same here: bug persist in all the new releases after august 22. To solve you have to switch off and on the camera, but at the next Magic Zoom @ 3x and then 1x the problem still there. The magic zoom blinking a lot, it's really not stable as on 550D.

  2. Alex

    It's different than in 550D/60D, so it's very difficult to fix it without having a camera to experiment with.

  3. blassox

    I've two 600D, I can ship one to you if you can predict a much more precise temporary window to focus on it.. or I can dedicate time to run tests and send debug info to you.... .

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