No audio at all on 600d/t3i

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unidob created an issue


Using ML 2011oct14.600d101.alex on my t3i and I can't get any audio to come though what so ever. I've checked all the settings I can, maybe I have something setup wrong, but have no audio. If I pop a non-ML SD card in audio works.

Good audio isn't that important right now, I just need some audio to be able to sync in post!

Any thoughts? Can I edit the cfg file to turn off something that ML is doing? The audio menu doesn't come up, by design I assume, so I can't do anything there.


I would like to be able to use ML while shooting obviously, but no sound will be a deal breaker. Shoot!

Thanks for all your good work so far,


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  1. unidob reporter

    Basic audio works on the Oct21 release, but *not* on the Oct14 release for my 600D/ti3.

    Thank goodness.

    Am opening wallet now to make donation.


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