Headphone Monitoring - One side working

Issue #771 resolved
CanonUser created an issue

This "shouldn't" be a hardware issue:

  • 5D MkII
  • Left Channel set to internal mic
  • Right Channel set to external mic
  • During monitoring only can hear left side
  • During playback only can hear left side

Plugging camera directly into TV set can hear both left and right properly using AV cable included with camera.

If I connect the headphones to the camera using the supplied AV cable as a bridge I can hear properly.

Tried multiple sets of headphones but it appears only the supplied AV cable works.

Please chime in with your thoughts. Been trying to figure this out for 2 days now.

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  1. Alex

    From mailing list:

    The answer is quite simple - the socket is an AV Socket and you are plugging in a stereo plug - the contacts therefore do not align properly, If you use an AV plug which splits the channels into Video and stereo you can plug the headphone into the stereo output and all will be well.


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