No way to move left the Magic Zoom selection rectangle when recording

Issue #773 on hold
blassox created an issue

On 600D, while you're recording with Magic zoom active, there is no way to move left the reference rectangle, only goes right. If you choose left it goes right, if you choose right it goes right with bigger jumps.

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  1. blassox reporter

    Ok, no problem.. The magic zoom is one of the best feature in ML but on 600D is almost unusable: it stops working when came back from 3x zoom, it blinks a lot and last but not least there is no way to select the zone when recording... so... we'll wait more stable releases.. Thanks

  2. Alex

    Just to check: this is with yesterday's version, right?

    Because this bug was present on 60D too, and now it works well.

  3. Alex

    With Canon firmware, does the 600D move the AF box while recording?

    I remember it depends on the AF mode somehow.

    Either the 600D relies on unpress button codes (unlike the others), or they don't handle it in gui_main_task.

  4. blassox reporter

    On recording the white rectangle disappear and if you press arrows and then stops, it came back in the last position, no moves.

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