External Monitor for 550d not working with USB-RCA cable

Issue #780 resolved
unholydevil created an issue

Today i just test my Magic Lantern 550d with rca cable with external monitor, Nothing is come out, just blank. is it the bug problem? I hven test HDMI is it ok or not.

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  1. unholydevil reporter

    with the oct 21 version. it come out with, audio connected but no video output for exterrnal monitor, i wonder, hdmi is just carry out the video only or video and audio? if using rca cable, audio cable output to headset and video cable to external portable monitor is it posible?

  2. unholydevil reporter

    hi, alex, thanks for reply. but the iso problem for video shooting, just can see the original setting change, but the magic lantern need to referesh first just update, but august ML wont have this problem. how to solve it?

  3. unholydevil reporter
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    hi sir,sorry that i download the latest update, oct 27, but the problem still there for iso redraw bug :/

  4. unholydevil reporter

    I tried download the oct 14 version, the ISO wont have that problem :) I will tried it for off monitoring of audio is it still get the problem or not. thanks alex, will update u soon

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