Wrong shutter count display

Issue #781 resolved
aferber created an issue

The October 27th release has a minor bug with the shutter count display on my EOS 600D.

For example, my shutter counter (SC) displays a value of 6042, consisting of 2790 "pics" and 3252 "LV". This is never ever the right value, I didn't play with LiveView more than I took pictures, and didn't record any movies so far either ;-) So I did some experiments.

After taking a single picture without LiveView, the counters increase to SC 6044, pics 2791, LV 3253. So both pics and LV increased by one, and the total increased by TWO. After activating LiveView without taking a picture, only LV has increased (and the sum accordingly). Actually taking a picture in LiveView increases pics by one and LV by three (sic!).

Note that the "pics" value corresponds perfectly with the image file numbering of my camera, so this value seems to be right.

It looks as if the LV value is the real total shutter count, and you need to subtract the pics value to get the extra (non-picture) shutter actions. The difference of in my case about 470 looks about right with my recollections of camera usage (it's only about two months old, so I don't think my memory is off by an order of magnitude).


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