550D Liveview External/Wireless Flash

Issue #785 on hold
unholydevil created an issue

The original of 550D if u open liveview with wire flash( studio shooting) the external flash cant flash, which mean need to use eyeview to shoot. Is it posible tat open live view, the wireless studio flash will flash?

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  1. unholydevil reporter

    just now i try, if i use iso 25600 the external flash will flash, but other iso it cant. the newest version of today, nov 3 , is it need to turn off the audio monitoring so that the external monitor just can read it?

  2. Alex

    So far that's what I know about flash; it's related to silent trigger mode, but changing that setting (as in 60D) results in crash.

    For the SD monitor I only have to turn off audio monitoring.

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