Cropmarks disappear when: Shutter Button is Hold during REC (IS)

Issue #788 wontfix
Leo Barbaro created an issue

If "Shutter Button" is set to "Hold during REC (IS)", the pressing of "Set" button start take the video (red circle compare at top right), but the selected cropmark disappears during the recording.

If "Shutter Button" is set to "Leave unchanged" or to "Block during REC", the cropmark still visible.

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  1. Leo Barbaro reporter


    i I had not considered the "programmatic call" to the HalfShutter mode.

    Sorry again, and thank so much.

  2. Leo Barbaro reporter
    • changed status to new way.

    Even with "Clearscreen" is OFF, if "Shutter Button" is set to "Hold during REC (IS)" (only in this case), when recording start, cropmark disappears.

    [cropmark come back on half-pressing the shutter]

  3. Alex

    Very difficult to fix.

    The problem is 50D's graphics engine: Canon refreshes the screen continuously (erasing ML graphics). To be able to draw, ML has to kill all Canon graphics. Right now, ML only kills Canon graphics when the camera is idle (no buttons pressed).

    Fixing this requires a developer having this camera in his hands for testing. 50D is the only camera with such problems.

  4. Leo Barbaro reporter

    Anyway... The only way to have cropmark AND the Stabilization (on 50D), is:

    - Set ClearScreen to: HalfShutter-DOF

    - Set Shutter Button to: Hold during REC (IS)

    ...then start the recording, half press the shutter, release the shutter, then half press again (and keep it), the shutter. Now the recording is stabilized and the cropmark is visible.

    (obviously, the keeping of the finger on the shutter, is uncomfortable...)

  5. Ziv Shanmugam

    I think I found a solution, well on the Canon EOS M anyway.

    While in Magic Lantern menu’s:

    While in Movie Tab > Go to Raw Video > Tap on Raw Video while selected > Kill Global Draw > Turn Off.

    This will stop all information going away including the Cropmarks!

    P.s I’m a noob so I can’t really answer any advanced questions… at the moment 😉.

    Hopefully that will solve the problem.

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