600D: Focus Peak Issues

Issue #796 resolved
scrax created an issue

Using 4 november build I found that now focus peak is not working good after the first rec.

At start it works ok when not in rec or in LiveView, but after tacking a video it will freeze to the last state it was when the video recording ended.

Tacking another video re enable it during the recording, after that it freeze again.

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  1. scrax reporter

    When first started it's working but it's not aligned right,when in rec alignement is ok. tested also with the last build with easy/advanced menu

  2. Alex

    New autoexec for aligning focus peaking (for all cameras).

    It will show a red and a blue rectangle, with an X. Blue rectangle should be always over the 3:2 preview image (including any gray bars in movie mode). Red rectangle should be over the recorded area (usually 16:9). When not recording, the red rectangle should be the same as the blue one.

    From VRAM menu, adjust sx/sy only if needed (if scaling is incorrect), then adjust tx/ty (translation).

  3. Former user Account Deleted


    I guess, i have the same problem. I use the 11.11.11. Built on a 600D. At first, Focus Peak works like a charm. After the first picture though, it kinda crashes, peak dots all over the screen. The dots are coming from the top, filling the Screen. It does not get back to functional. A Redraw with the half-pressed shutter does not work either. In recording mode for movies it does work, however. But only while recording. Before the recording starts the dots seem to stay at their last position, like artifacts.

    Tried to make a screenshot, hope it helps. It shows the problem in the A-Mode of the cam. (The color of the points is set to R, the Threshold to 1.0. This screenshot was taken with the autoexec.bin that you attached.) http://i.imgur.com/Tv6PH.jpg

    Second Screenshot shows the problem after pressing the record button for ending the record in movie-mode. It shows the artifacts pretty clear. http://i.imgur.com/gPEDQ.jpg

    I am terribly sorry, if i posted this in the wrong place. I am new to this and just trying to help.

    By the way: this firmware was the reason for my purchase of the 600D. Such a powerful software. Thanks for making it! I'll be shure to donate you some money :)

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Hello all,

    Thank you for your amazing work. I wanted to echo what Anonymous and 600Dplus reported. On my T3i, with 11.11.11, the focus peaking works well when it is first used but slightly misaligned. However, in movie mode, as soon as a recording is saved, focus peaking freezes and displays the focus peaking image/data for the last saved frame. This happens even with the alignment autoexec.bin file with the VRAM menu. This was not an issue with the previous release. Thank you again for your help. I Love Magic Lantern. Please let me know if I can provide any more specific information or if I can help out by testing other features on my t3i.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    I am in the same boat as Anonymous from 4 days ago (post #7) and the previous post by A1ex do not seem to work, although the 'fix' was a bit vague/dfficult to follow. It would be great if someone could offer clarification. Thank you, Rob

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    I have been looking for a solution to the focus peaks being offset on external monitors. Is this the fix? I viewed Alex' link above from post #2, but it makes no sense to me. How do I adjust the overlay for focus peaks so they align correctly with an external monitor? And I still need them to align correctly on the on-board monitor too. Thanks.

  7. Former user Account Deleted

    Where is the VRAM menu? I am searching through all of the ML menus on my 600D trying to find out how to align the focus peaks using an external monitor and I can't make sense of any of this. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    OK, I've found the VRAM menu, but I still can't calibrate the focus peaks with the image. I've changed several values in the VRAM menu, but they keep changing back to defaults. What are the correct settings to display focus peaks correctly on an external monitor, and how do I get these settings to save? Some clear instructions would be much appreciated!

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