600D: Camera goes off during Bulb ramping calibration

Issue #800 resolved
scrax created an issue

With default settings camera goes off before the bulb ramping calibration is finished, so it's needed to increase the time for auto off in canon menu.

It will be better if it can avoid the auto off during calibration.

ML = 04 nov 2011

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  1. scrax reporter

    Also seems that if auto is in M mode is enabled calibration can never get right. Tested with last build with the Easy/Adv. menu

  2. Alex

    Can you change display gain in photo mode, auto exposure (P,Tv,Av,whatever) without having to press "zoom in"?

    http://vimeo.com/31338845 -> display gain is not applied unless the LiveView zoom factor is changed. This only happens on 600D.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    The same issue on 60D, "The scene is not static, or maybe it's too dark/bright, retrying..."

    Are there any solution on this problem?

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