"Movie recording has been stopped automatically" 60D

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Hi, I just installed ML onto my cam and I get the above error message after a few seconds of movie shooting. - I had the same error when I purchased the cam and the store supplied a card that was too slow. Now I'm having a San DIsk Extreme (10) and I never had issues until today. Any idea or advice? Thanks a lot, Jurgen

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  1. Alex

    Try to format the card; filesystem fragmentation may cause these issues.

    Did you increase the bitrate?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm having the same problem with the same camera and same cards. The cards are freshly low level formatted and fresh 11.11.11 magic lantern install. It only happens when I hit record after just turning on the camera - it records for a few seconds, then say's 'movie recording has been automatically stopped', then it starts recording again. Happens everytime on all my cards, on both cameras, but only after just turning the camera on.

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