600d LCDVF turning off LCD

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Any chance of fixing the problem with the lcd shutting off on a 600d when you apply the LCDVF to it. Apparently the first 600d firmware didn't have this problem, but cameras with the new firmware do. Maybe you might see where the problem is? It's the magnets effecting some internal switches I think but it happens with all new 600d's. Either way it seems likely that it can be fixed with a firmware update - ie ML.....

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    No the LCDVF is a loupe which sticks on using magnets. The magnets are causing the LCD to switch off. Apparently this doesn't happen with the first firmware, so it must be fixable with a firmware mod. The suggesting kinotehnik make on their site doesn't work.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I had an interesting day. I set the option 'force live view' to off, and the problem went away. I then installed 11.11.11 and haven't had the problem since. I think one of the two has reset something inside the camera. Or maybe it's because I had the LCDVF on all day. I would recommend applying the LCDVF to the camera and leaving it attached overnight to see if this changes something..... weirdly the problem has gone away!!!

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