550d big problems with November 07 Relase

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I had an older ML on my 550d for more then half year.. i loved and helped me alot... and today i wanted to update and installed the experimental version. After succesfull install i had play around a little bit with the focus options and i got some wierd crashes when using live view mode. I ignored the crashes and after the 4th crash it crashed for all, the camera is now broken, i start it up and it crashes if i switch to live view. Simptoms: -camera boots normally -sometimes the display gets striped... like the LCD would be broken -if i shoot a picture without using live view... the red led stays on as it would write but it remains like that -if i boot camera and switch to live view mode or turn the dial to movie mode it gets a black screen of death

I tryed: -format sd card -used other smaller sd card -reinstall older ML -reinstall canon firmware ( only with update from camera menu with update file on sd card )

What other solutions do i have ? I think i have to rewrite the flash of the camera... but is there any way for the normal user to do that ?

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  1. Alex

    First check: does the camera work with Canon firmware, without ML?

    Did you try to clear the settings?

    What kind of crashes did you have? What were you doing when you had them?

    Please describe what you did and what happened as exactly as possible.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    yes tryed forgot to mention those also formatted camera clean without ML still same cleared settings

    now i noticed something when i switch to live view in the viewfinder i see Err 80

    and some other testing for simptoms: without card... if i relase shutter it should show me the image on screen... but nothing... its black... and its not the picture black because if i press display to show data of image it does not work

    its so bad... and damn canon service is very expensive :( if i dont find a solution my camera will go dusted for half year atleast

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    more simptoms:

    formatted the camera with full format on pc

    inserted in camera and take picture... the red led lights up and stays lighted... if i want to take another picture and get close to the sensor the screen goes black and stays black even if i dont do a photo... and stays also black if i take a photo... meanhile the red led is still on... even if after leaving the camera for 5 minutes... red led is on...

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