November 08 Blocks AF Functionality during record - Bug on 550D/T2i.

Issue #812 resolved
Former user created an issue

As far as i've researched, this seemed as if it was an error in the firmware. AF functionality is lost as soon as the camera commences record in movie mode. Servo attempts to move but doesn't.

Tests with focus faults

Record in movie mode cycling Shutter/AE lock button modes

Disabled AF during record

Tried all AF modes

Rack focus functions not available (red cross)

Follow focus functions ARE available however when pushing the focus buttons the servo makes noise, but does not move.

Test with Magic Lantern firmware uninstalled All the above tests were successful and got back focus functionality.

My 10 cents to the community for this wonderful project. Thanks to Alex.

Paurini Mutu

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  1. Alex

    With my current version, AF works while recording. Tested with half-shutter AF and back-button AF, kit lens. Follow focus also works. I didn't do anything to fix, just tested.

    You can also try clearing all your camera settings.

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